SM48HR 2012 Films

SM48HR 2012 WINNER - Mine - Josh Fortune

“When I got back from Afghanistan last year, having spent three years running around frantically filming people getting shot at, I wondered how I would
settle in to a normal film making life again - one that didn't involve a lack of sleep, frenetic activity, and lots of gunfire. Thankfully, when I heard about
Smoke & Mirrors 48 Hour Film Challenge, I realised that the madness didn't have to end with my days in the Afghan war. Eagerly signing up, and determined
to make this year's keyword fit with the WW2 costumes that we had rented, we merrily set out to freezing cold woods and filmed a stand off between two
characters stuck in a minefield. The weekend involved no sleep, plenty of highs and lows, fake gunfire, and great fun, and ultimately one of the highlights of my film making life thus far. The feeling when Bernard Hill announced our film as the winning one was absolutely incredible. It was an excellently run competition, with real incentives, excellent sponsors, and helpful staff. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!”

- Josh Fortune – Smoke & Mirrors 48 Hour Film Competition 2012 Winner